playlist for 4-march-10….five & dime show 91.7 wmse ‘the state i’m in’ theme

so i dug this one up on my last visit to the studio.   a show from about a month & a half ago, themed around the 50 states…..’the state i’m in’.   inspired by two things.   for starters, i NEED  a vacation.   it’s been a while, and what i would really like to do is take a road trip.   the second bit of inspiration came from a dream, and while i don’t remember the dream, i awoke with john philip sousa stuck in my head……which led to feelings of patriotism, which in turn led to this idea.   cram 50 songs into three hours, and hit every state in the process.   so here you go…..states are CAPITALIZED.

artist – song – album

blossom dearie – RHODE ISLAND is famous for you – verve jazz masters

ross de luxe syncopaters – FLORIDA rhythm – jazz the world forgot volume 1

paz lenchantin – MONTANA train – songs for luci

willie walker – SOUTH CAROLINA rag – roots of rap 1920’s & 1930’s

joanna newsom – in CALIFORNIA – have one on me

elizabeth cotten – WASHINGTON blues – shake sugaree

frank sinatra – got a gal i love ( in NORTH & south DAKOTA) – big hits & highlights of 1947

vaughn monroe & his orchestra – IDAHO state fair – from a 45 ( thanks elaine!)

delmore brothers – got the KANSAS city blues – box set

camper van beethoven – the history of UTAH – s/t

al hopkins & his buckle busters – WEST VIRGINIA gals – harry smith anthology of american folk music

woody guthrie – get along little doggies (mentions WYOMING in lyrics ) – struggle

fats waller – you’re a square from DELAWARE – best of

tom waits – jitterbug boy ( mentions TENNESSEE in lyrics ) – small change

smoky wood & his wood chips – moonlight in OKLAHOMA – western swing & country jazz

the kinks – KENTUCKY moon – muswell hillbillies

gillian welch – look at miss OHIO – soul journey

low – MISSOURI – secret name

bruce springsteen – NEBRASKA – nebraska

john fahey – stomping tonight on the PENNSYLVANIA / ALABAMA border – death chants, breakdowns & military waltzes

kid dakota – ten thousand lakes ( mentions MINNESOTA in lyrics ) – the west is the future

bob dylan – west TEXAS – live at the gaslight

bukka white – pinebluff, ARKANSAS – complete bukka white

johnny cash – NEW MEXICO – road less traveled

rudy vallee & his CONNECTICUT yankees – brother can you spare a dime – top hits of the 30’s

ARIZONA dranes & choir – he is my story – goodbye babylon box set

floyd mills & his MARYLANDers – hard luck – jazz the world forgot volume 1

asha bhosle – MAINE dil abhi diya nahin – doob doob o rama volume 2

shocking blue – ALASKA country – scorpio’s dance

the baroques – IOWA, a girls name – from a 45

yo la tengo – GEORGIA vs. yo la tengo – summer sun

sonic youth – NEW HAMPSHIRE – sonic nurse

andre williams – only black man in SOUTH DAKOTA – silky

ILLINOIS connection – po’ boys dream – midwest funk

sir guy & the rocking cavaliers – funky VIRGINIA – absolute funk

elmer & brenda parker & the nite-lighters – got to get back to LOUISIANA parts 1 & 2 – movement volume 2

poets of rhythm – NORTH CAROLINA – what goes around

soledad brothers – MICHIGAN line – steal your soul & dare your spirit to move

twenty miles – MISSISSIPPI bolero – r.l. boyce, othar turner fife & drum spam

bang on a can & evan ziporyn – NEW YORK counterpoint 3 – steve reich: ny counterpoint, eight lines, four organs

natural snow buildings – WISCONSIN – the dance of the moon & sun

okay, so there might be some states missing above, but they were covered in the background music, which i neglected to write down………you can always listen on the archives & check out which ones i mention on air for the complete run down of tracks.   this was a really fun show for me, as time really became an issue towards the end of the show, and some creative editing really started to play a big part of the process.      i would like to do another installment of this theme…….someday it will happen with an entirely new batch of songs.


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playlist for 1-april-10 ‘holy thursday’ five & dime show 91.7 wmse

hello again, fine people.   as promised, this is the playlist for the show on the 1st of april.  in the spirit of the day, holy thursday, i decided to do an all religion themed affair, of all denominations of course……would you expect anything else from the five & dime show?     i’m not a religious man myself, but i can dig on the sounds of the faithful.   there will probably one day be a second installment on this theme, when the mood strikes look/listen for it.

don’t forget, if you missed the show when aired, to find it on & go to the archives section for the five & dime show.

artist – song – album

david axelrod – holy thursday – blue break beats, volume 4

anduin – the equal of god – abandoned in sleep

charlie tweddle – jesus & the devil – fantastic greatest hits

clay & scott – on the battlefield – standing on the highway

jed tomkins – yield not to temptation – victrola favorites

john fahey – in christ there is no east or west – the legend of blind joe death

francilia – avan lamo se grandye nan syel – alan lomax in haiti box set

gee’s bend residents – you ain’t got but one life – how we got over: sacred songs of gee’s bend

heavenly gospel singers – have you got good religion – the half ain’t never been told volume 2

nusrat fateh ali khan – hazrat khwaja sangh kheliye dhamar – the qawwali king

crumb brothers – seat in the kingdom – life is a problem

blind mamie forehand – honey in the rock – raw prewar gospel (1926 – 1936): american primitive volume 1

washington phillips – mothers last word to her son – key to the kingdom

anonymous musicians from bali – sekarinotan:gamelan – music for the gods: the fahnestock south seas expedition

chinese buddhist nuns – chanting the 10 vows – victrola favorites

billie holiday – god bless the child – lady day: the complete billie holiday on columbia 1933-1944

marika papagika – smyrneiko minore – black mirror: reflections in global musics 1918-1954

eels – god’s silence – blinking lights & other revelations

hush arbors – bless you – hush arbors (ecstatic peace)

bob dylan – with god on our side – the times they are a-changin’

elizabeth cotten – jesus is tenderly calling – shake sugaree

jaybird coleman – i’m gonna cross the river of jordan some o’ these days – raw pre-war gospel (1926-1936):american primitive volume 1

reverend lonnie farris – peace in the valley – oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always

tom waits – jesus gonna be here – bone machine

chorale chorus (corsica) – paghjelle – secret museum of mankind volume 2

robert johnson – me & the devil blues – complete recordings

johnny cash – god’s gonna cut you down – american V: 100 highways

navajo elders – yebitchai – secret museum of mankind volume 3

silver apples – dancing gods – silver apples

‘la nina de los peines’ pastora pavon cruz – saeta pilatos por no dejar – string of pearls

naftule brandwine – terkisher yale-ve-yove tants – klezmer music: early yiddish instrumental music 1910-1927

charles mingus – blues & roots – wednesday night prayer meeting

they might be giants – kiss me, son of god – lincoln

two gospel keys – you’ve got to move – goodbye, babylon box set

holly golightly – devil don’t – you can’t buy a gun when you’re crying

spacemen 3 – walkin’ with jesus – the perfect perscription

fabs – dinah wants religion – back from the grave, volume 2

moon duo – in the trees – escape

there you have it, another installment of the five & dime show……holy thursday edition.   tune in on the 15 of april for my next show….no theme just yet, i’ll probably draw from all the new stuff i’ve been picking up lately, and throw in a few tax-themed ditties as well.


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playlist for 18-march-10 five & dime show 91.7 wmse

first, i must apologize for my extreme laziness.   also, i can’t seem to find the playlist for the previous show, which would have been the 4th of march…(it was a state-themed show, all 50 states in song)…….i’ll keep looking for it & post it later.   thanks for tuning in & don’t forget, if you miss the show, it can be listened to on the wmse archive…..just go to & search for the date you want in the archive for the five & dime show.   okay, on to this weeks list.

artist – song – album

nick cave & warren ellis – moving on – the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford

olafur arnalds – ljosio – erased tapes collection II

jack rose – tree in the valley – luck in the valley

henry townsend – sick with the blues – st. louis blues 1929-1935: the depression

peter broderick – part III: pill induced slumber – erased tapes collection II

misophone – the motherless moth headed bread boy – be glad you are only human

cluster – caramba – zuckerzeit

golden coins – parkside/harmony radio theme – daydream johnny ep

seven fields of aphelion – michigan icarus – periphery

brethren of the free spirit – into the dust of the earth – the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb

elin lisslass – locklatar – secret museum of mankind volume 4

bann rara thomar – iwen an va, loko, anye – alan lomax in haiti box set

moondog – voices of spring – s/t

nico – little sister – chelsea girl

nina simone – my baby just cares for me – little girl blue ( dedicated in spirit to meg )

joanna newsom – good intentions paving co. – have one on me

jozef van wissem – the day is coming – ex patris

krakvind – skracken – s/t

steve gunn – jadin’s dream – boerum palace

mazzy star – be my angel – she hangs brightly

john fahey – when the springtime comes again – death chants, breakdowns & military waltzes

the corley family – give the world a smile – down in the basement: joe bussards treasure trove of 78’s 1926-1937

the pretty things – can’t stand the pain – get the picture?

the greenhornes w/holly golightly – there is an end – broken flowers ost

sandy bull – carmina burana fantasy (based on carl orff) – fantasias

the 13th floor elevators – slide machine – easter everywhere

alex chilton – come on honey – 1970

vinter – love and hide – vinter II

twinsistermoon – unseen seen – the hollow mountain

lena machado – kalena – tickling the strings: music of hawaii 1929-1952

lau nau – kuula – kuutarha

carlos gardel – mi buenos aires querido – the tango lesson ost

tom waits – straight to the top (rhumba) – franks wild years

elder curry – memphis flu – people take warning: man vs. nature

sol hoopii – feelin’ no pain – master of the hawaiian guitar volume 2

yo la tengo – i was the fool beside you for too long – painful

stereolab – three dee melodie – mars audiac quintet

golden coins – blue polo/mono sweater – hugging etiquette demos ep

that’s it for this weeks installment of the five & dime show.


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