playlist for five & dime show 16-september-2010 wmse 91.7

howdy.   a few quick things worth mentioning, and then i’ll get to the play list.    i’m listening right now to neil youngs’ new record as i type this…..due out very soon, produced by daniel lanois……pretty great thus far, i think i’m three songs in right now.   they are streaming it on npr’s website until it’s release date, you should check it out.   apparently, it’s done without any overdubs through the magic that only daniel lanois can provide………

also, can’t stop thinking/talking about the new black angels record, phosphene dream.    it’s phenomenal.   really.     they’ve managed to reign in their wandering ways ( not that i mind a long song )…..the record clocks in at just over 35 minutes if i’m not mistaken, and to my ears it’s nearly perfect.     can’t wait for october 27th when they play in my hometown…..right here in milwaukee, at turner hall.   cheap show too, only $10.00 to get in……..let’s fill the place so it sounds great.     also digging the sounds of their guitarist….christian bland.   he also has a record out with his band, the revelators.   i picked it up on the austin psych fest website……it’s a bit more lo-fi than the black angels, but easily as good as anything they’ve done.     check it out, it’s very limited, so get one fast.

lastly, i’ll be filling in for tom wanderer on the 7th of october…….from 3pm to 6pm.   it’s his monthly 45rpm show, and i will abide.   very excited about this, as i don’t typically play a lot of 45’s, even though i have a ton of them……perhaps literally a ton, haven’t ever considered weighing them…….anyway, tune in, it should be interesting.

alright, here’s the playlist for the 16th of september.

artist – song – album

harmonia & eno – welcome – tracks & traces

golden coins – quacks & nostrums – hugging etiquette demos ep

junip – always – fields

juana molina – el progresso – tres cosas

rafael anton irisarri – lit a dawn – reverie

emily jane white – wild tigers i have known – songs from cam archers film ‘wild tigers i have known’

noveller – almost alright – desert fires

jon mueller – remembered – the whole

aaron martin – sisters – river water

misophone – i sleep like the dead – be glad you are only human

tallest man on earth – kids on the run – the wild hunt

tindersticks – tea stain – tindersticks

blind boy fuller – untrue blues – east coast piedmont style

bob dylan – boots of spanish leather – the times they are a changin’

sibylle baier – i lost something in the hills – colour green

francis bebey – akwaaba – akwaaba

james blackshaw – part 4 – all is falling

the psychic paramount – microphone III – origins & primitives  volume 1 & 2

tape – augustan chateau – whispers from the forests, screams from the mountains

kaleidoscope – the murder of lewis tollani – tangerine dream

the seven fields of aphelion – lake feet – periphery

the scarring party – step inside – losing teeth

evan caminiti – glowing sky – west winds

laraaji – the dance #3 – ambient #3 day of radiance

harmonia & eno – luneburg heath – tracks & traces

eddy current suppression ring – second guessing – rush to relax

cave – gamm – psychic psummer

the stairs – flying machine – mexican r n’ b

mac rybell – the lantern – brazilian guitar fuzz bananas

mogollar – eastern love – turkish delights

black angels – true believers – phosphene dream

hush arbors – the light – hush arbors (ecstatic peace)

voice of the seven thunders – kommune – voice of the seven thunders

christian bland & the revelators – jabberwocky – the lost album

the monks – oh, how to do now – black monk time

there you have it, another installment of the five & dime show hosted by me, shopkeeper ken.   missed it?  or want to listen to two years worth of five & dime shows?   check the archive @       thanks for tuning in.


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playlist for five & dime show 2-september-2010 wmse 91.7

hello again.    this particular show was of the themed variety, as i am prone to do sometimes.   the theme was ‘for the ladies…..’, with each song containing a girls’ name in the title.   it was fun to put together, and fun to present.    while i didn’t seem to have an abundance of leftover songs, i do plan on doing another installment of this theme in the future……stay tuned.   dori, who follows my show on thursdays, will do an all boys’ name theme following the next installment…….should be cool.

two things i would like to mention that i am particularly excited about as i write this post.   first, the black angels will release their third full length on the 14th of september, next tuesday……i would encourage you to seek that one out.    it can be pre-ordered now on their website, check it out at   secondly, they just announced that they will be playing turner hall on the 27th of october……with an unnamed as of right now opening act…….keep that night open for sure, as some of you may remember how great their live set was at the mad planet a couple years ago.   i’ve seen them a few times, and am really excited for this show……i will see you there.

now, the playlist.

artist – song – album

danny paul grody – dawn – fountain

greg ashley – caroline & the orange tree – painted garden

mark mothersbaugh – rachel evans tennenbaum – royal tennenbaums ost

velvet underground – stephanie says – peel slowly & see box set

nina nastasia – rosemary – the blackened air

nick drake – the thoughts of mary jane – time of no reply

mississippi john hurt – good morning, carrie – complete studio recordings : last sessions

carolina chocolate drops – sally ann – dona got a ramblin’ on my mind

sandy bull – little maggie – best of

delmore brothers – that yodelin’ gal, miss julie – charlotte north carolina 1936-1937

elizabeth cotten – delia – shake sugaree

johnny cash – katy too – complete sun singles

bob dylan – to ramona – another side of bob dylan

skip spence – margaret/tiger rug – oar

aaron martin – a robin – almond

taken by trees – julia – open field

emily jane white – bessie smith – dark undercoat

lionel belasco – miranda – goodnight ladies & gents

lion – emmalene – west indian rhythm (bear family box set)

abou bakr & omar – leila kanat – secret museum of mankind : the music of north africa

davy graham – kim – all that moody

john fahey – story of dorothy gooch, part 1 – voice of the turtle

santo & johnny – anna – s/t

ken nordine – rosey – colors

michael cox – angela jones – joe meek: the alchemist of pop

scarring party – leslie ann merrimac – come away from the light

pink floyd – see emily play – piper at the gates of dawn

faust – jennifer – faust IV

zak riles – chloe – s/t

wooden shjips – lucy’s ride – s/t

kennelmus – dancing doris – folkstone prism

red stuff – valerie & daisy – best of hot rod love

link wray & the wraymen – mary ann – slinky (epic sessions ’58-’61

dimensions – penny – northwest battle of the bands

morgen – beggin’ your pardon, miss joan – s/t

sarolta zalatnay – ki tiltija meg – s/t

air – kelly watch the stars – moon safari

brian eno – cindy tells me – here come the warm jets

cluster – rosa – zuckerzeit

stereolab – slow fast hazel – emperor tomato ketchup

vaselines – molly’s lips – the way of the vaselines

reigning sound – polly anne – love & curses

the stairs – mary joanna – mexican r’n b

the kinks – victoria – arthur or the decline & fall of the british empire

the ramones – judy is a punk – s/t

that wraps up this installment of the five & dime show.   i’ll be on again on the 16th of september……don’t have plans right now for another themed show, but inspiration has been known to strike at any moment.

shopkeeper ken

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