playlist for 28-oct-2010 five & dime show wmse

whew……..two new posts in a row……i need to catch my breath.      this week i did another theme……lazy dj part II.    last night was the black angels show at turner hall, and i indulged in a few too many beverages to have to think about playing a lot of stuff, so i decided on a bunch of long format songs……………i listen to a lot of floaty instrumental music….not sure what genre it really is, and sometimes like to share a bunch of it in one show, rather than divide it all up…….blah blah blah.     rambling.   i probably don’t post anything but playlists on this blog due to the fact that i am not a fan of words.    i say very little………


artist – title – album



bobby hutcherson w/ harold land – goin’ down south – san francisco

harmonia – walky-talky – deluxe

evan caminiti – night of the archon – west winds

grails – more erosion – black tar prophecies 1,2 & 3

zelienople – parts are lost – his/hers

steve gunn – mr. franklin – boerum palace

date palms – psalm 5 – of psalms

barn owl – ancient of days – the conjuror

lost in hildurness (or hildur gudnadottir) – you – mount a

fripp & eno – evening star – evening star

jon mueller – hands – the whole

philip cohran & the artistic heritage ensemble – unity – s/t

noveller – fades – desert fires

krakvind – undergang, overgang (destruction, transition) – s/t

guanaco – paeans to beals – sky burials

roedelius – langer atem – lustwandel

jonathan kane – roller coaster – jet ear party

black angels – never/ever – directions to see a ghost

simply saucer – here come the cyborgs part II – cyborgs revisited

moon duo – motorcycle, i love you – escape




that’s it.    another installment of the five & dime show done & done.   the next two weeks are the pledge drive, please tune in and donate generously to the station if you love what you hear…….we rely on you to sustain us, without your contributions wmse would cease to exist…….that’s not a threat, that is the reality of the situation.   so please, think about how much time you spend listening to my show, and other shows on wmse, and give what you can so that you can continue to hear new things, and favorite things, and old things………..thanks for your support, it means everything to us.


if you missed any shows, or want to revisit an old favorite, check the archives at……..two whole years of archived shows to choose from.     hope to hear from you in the next two weeks, thanks again.




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playlist for 14-october-2010 five & dime show wmse

two weeks ago i did this show, and only now am i posting the playlist…….as i told a listener today who called the station, i have this lazy blog………

anyway, here’s the playlist from two weeks ago, and then i’ll post the one from today as well.  it was a themed show, my slightly half-assed salute to the guitar.



artist – title – album


lee hazelwood – the old man and his guitar – these boots are made for walkin’

barn owl – into the red horizon – the conjuror

tallest man on earth – the drying of the lawns – the wild hunt

james blackshaw – spiraling skeleton memorial – waking into sleep – goteborg 27-may-06

clifford hayes & the dixieland jug blowers – blue guitar stomp – s/t

charlie christian – air mail special – guitar wizard

delmore brothers – gonna lay down my old guitar – from a box set

sol hoopii – honolulu march – master of the hawaiian guitar, volume 2

van shipley – karle pyar – fantabulously yours

claude vasori – folk guitar – fuzzy felt folk

c joynes – bones for dogsi – revenants, prodigies & the restless dead

steven r. smith – eulnek – kohl

casey bill weldon – guitar swing – great blues guitarists: string dazzlers

blind blake – dry bone shuffle – ragtime blues guitar 1927-1930

sylvester weaver – guitar rag – slidin’ on the frets

six organs of admittance – when you finally return – for octavio paz

sean smith – the augur of deviation – berkeley guitar

son house – death letter – father of the delta blues

tampa red – black angel blues – the guitar wizard

black angels – true believers – phosphene dream

noveller – three windows facing three doors – desert fires

marc ribot – flicker – silent movies

steve gunn – mustapha’s exit – boerum palace

jack rose – black pearls – two originals of….

voice of the seven woods – the smoking furnace – s/t

davy graham – la morena – all that moody

the who – happy jack (acoustic) – a quick one

link wray & the wraymen – branded – mr. guitar

davie allan & the arrows – devil’s rumble – devil’s rumble:  anthology ’64-’68

neil young – walk with me – le noise

white stripes – let’s shake hands – 7″

the youngsters – i wanna be your man – brazilian guitar fuzz bananas

johnny guitar – mon du dow – shadow music of thailand

group doueh – cheyla ya haiuune – guitar music from the western sahara

bo diddley – dearest darling – best of….

black angels – river of blood – phosphene dream

glenn branca – lesson no. 1 – lesson no. 1

black sabbath – the wizard – black sabbath



there you have it…… tribute to the guitar…..pretty heavy on pre-war blues, but that’s what i dig………acoustic guitar is much more impressive to me than electric.




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playlist for 30-september-2010 five & dime show 91.7 wmse

not much to say about this weeks playlist……a few songs going out to my friend mel, it was her 30th birthday this week…..and a few others to all my libra pals…..we’re the best, i don’t care what you say.   that’s not true, i do care…..but we really are the best.

artist – song – album

rameses III – cloud kings – i could not love you more

central african pygmies – birth celebration – echoes from the forest

nils frahm – said & done – the bells

erik enocksson – dark & shrewd, no light it lends – from a 7″ on kning disk

barn owl – procession of golden bones – the conjuror

aaron martin – open knife – worried about the fire

hush arbors – sand – s/t

shinichi yuize – mikoshi – romance of japan

james blackshaw – part 3 – all is falling

breathe owl breathe – own stunts – magic central ( hey aaron, i think this was the one you were asking about…..)

misophone – rest asleep – i sit at open windows

michael flower – lake of fire – open strings

lawrence english – droplet – a colour for autumn

higuma – the ocelot – den of the spirits

the black angels – yellow elevator # 2 – phosphene dream

the kinks – brainwashed – arthur or the decline & fall of the british empire

six organs of admittance – the desert is a circle – the sun awakens

tallest man on earth – thousand ways – the wild hunt

king bennie nawahi – i’m a dreamer aren’t we all – hawaiian string virtuoso

orchestre regional de mopti – recital – s/t

jorge ben – terezinha – forca bruta

dosta bizden selam olsun – rifat oncel – turkish freakout

ron eliran – high in the desert – s/t

onder bali – karni buyuk koca dunya – turkish freakout

hala strana – lament – fielding

eels – i like the way this is going – tomorrow morning

christian bland & the revelators – emotionless man – lost album

black angels – phosphene dream – phosphene dream

faun fables – a mother & a piano – family album ( thanks, jon )

sam gopal – yesterlove – escalator

hawkwind – black corridor – space ritual

hawkwind – space is deep – doremi fasol latido

sam gopal – grass – escalator

hawkwind – motorhead – anthology 67 – 82

hawkwind – time we left this world today – space ritual

hawkwind – master of the universe – space ritual

quick explanation for the end of the show being all hawkwind/sam gopal…….there was a film festival going on here in milwaukee, and they were screening a documentary about lemmy….so there you go.    didn’t get a chance to actually hear the show?    go to & search the archives for thursday mornings 9-noon.    2 years worth of five & dime shows at your disposal.

i would like to mention again to all my milwaukee readers……faun fables is playing this weekend, the 8th of october, at a rather un-promoted show at shank hall.   look into it, i hope to go, but am not sure at this point if i can make it.     it will be awesome, and you should experience it.

also, i will be filling in for tom wanderer this week, on the 7th of october, and, it being the first thursday of the month, i will honor his tradition of all 45 rpm records.   i have a lot of them, and don’t normally play very many of them during my show… i look forward to sharing them with you.     should be a very interesting/good show if i do say so myself.

thanks for reading & listening.


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