playlist for five & dime show 9-december-2010 wmse 91.7

this, to me, was a great show…….everything just felt right from start to finish, and while i strive & hope that each show is this way, the sad truth is that they can’t all possibly achieve this stature.   i got a lot of calls during the show, so the vibe must have been mutual.     not sure what it was that made it so, but whatever………i’ll take it.



artist – song – album



marc ribot – requiem for a revolution – silent movies

rafael anton irisarri – these red winters – keys

hala strana – grain – heave the gambrel roof

hush arbors – fast asleep – yankee reality

william tyler – missionary ridge – behold the spirit

bob dylan – ballad for a friend – witmark demos 1962 -1964

tom verlaine & the kronos quartet – spiritual – big bad love ost

guanaco – sky burial – sky burials

helen mccloud – we’ve come a long way – how we got over: sacred songs of gee’s bend

wade ward – chilly winds – wave the ocean, wave the sea

vera ward hall – black woman (wild ox moan) – i’ll meet you on the other shore

ed young, lonnie young & g.d. young church – i know we got another building – wave the ocean, wave the sea

ruby vass – old gospel ship – i’ll meet you on the other shore

neal morris & charlie everidge – wave the ocean, wave the sea

sibylle baier – tonight – colour green

kuupuu – kissamuori krapulassa – spinning on air

anonymous member of the banguana tribe – lukembi & voice – music of the ituri forest

breathe owl breathe – parrots in the tropical trees – magic central

gunn/truscinski duo – wythe raag – sand city

tom waits – long way home – big bad love ost

bridget st. john – every day – thank you for…..

13th floor elevators – i’m gonna love you too – 7th heaven music of the spheres, complete singles collection

kiila – auringonlunta – silmat sulkaset

en – polaris (the celestial arc) – the absent coast

grouper – cover the windows & the walls – cover the windows and walls

velvet underground & nico – sunday morning – s/t

gabor szabo – galatea’s guitar – dreams

ron eliran – honesty – s/t

pugh – love, love, love – ja, da a da

lau nau – lue kartalta – spinning on air

moebius & beerbohm – subito – strange music

ngozi family – nizaka panga ngozi – 45,000 volts

jujus – alchemy of the blues – alchemy of the blues

bellemou & benfissa – lah lah y ‘shabi – 1970’s algerian proto rai underground

dinosaurs – you can’t beat it – simla beat 70

the standells – black hearted woman – why pick on me




there you have it, another edition of the five & dime show………..stay tuned for my end of year show coming up on the 23rd of december…..hopefully i will have received my moon duo & wooden shjips x-mas themed records……and i’ll also be playing music from some of my favorite records of the year (which i pretty much do all year round anyway……..), but ’tis the season for end of year lists.    wmse will be posting my favorites of the year, and i’ll list them with the next installments playlist as well……as of this post i have yet to come up with the complete list……



shopkeeper ken



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