playlist for five & dime show aired 20-jan-11

as promised, here’s the playlist for my last installment of the five & dime show, i’ll be back on 4th of febuary, and will be hosting the show for FIVE weeks in a row, as andy will be visiting his special lady friend in france for the entire month………in one way i look forward to being at the helm for that many weeks in a row, and in another way it’s rather daunting.    there may be some themed shows in the coming weeks, but it’s hard to tell at this point.      anyway, for those of you in the milwaukee area, i strongly recommend that you find your way to the cactus club on sunday the 30th of january, as cave / hush arbors / and cyborg fortress grace us with their musical stylings in the depths of winter……….can’t wait to finally see hush arbors, been wanting to get them into town for some time, and, now that keith is stateside, it should be much easier to do in the future as well…….please come check them out if you can, odds are if you are a fan of the five & dime show, you’ll be a fan of hush arbors.


here’s the playlist, as promised.



artist – song – album



the pixies – havalina – bossanova

hush arbors – where the black bear hides in the sky – under bent limb trees

jack rose – now that i’m a man full grown – v/a by the fruits you shall know the roots

steven r. smith & gareth davis – westering – westering

barn owl – ancient of days – the conjuror

bayless rose – black dog blues – v/a the rain don’t fall on me

christer falkenstrom – baklandets vacra maja – v/a black mirror:  reflections in global musics

taken by trees – tell me – open field

gabriela parra – the child who talked to the wind – v/a keys

james blackshaw – the broken hourglass – v/a the garden of forking paths

woody guthrie – goin’ down the road – this land is your land

paz lenchantin – three six five – songs for luci

chieko mori – spiral wave – v/a the garden of forking paths

sidney hemphill carter – worried now, won’t be worried long – v/a worried now, won’t be worried long

hush arbors – sand – s/t (on ecstatic peace)

nick drake – place to be – pink moon

fursaxa – sheds her skin – alone in the dark wood

eluvium – prelude for time feelers – copia

sun city girls – vine street piano (orchestral) – funeral mariachi

grouper – hold – 7″ on room40

popol vuh – mantra 1 – nosferatu ost

unknown burmese musicians – yein pwe – v/a black mirror: reflections in global musics

conrad schnitzler – ballet statique – con

junip – in every direction – fields

juana molina – malherido – son

july – dandelion seeds – s/t

pretty things – she says good morning – s.f. sorrow

syd barrett – octopus (2010 mix) – an introduction to syd barrett

the kinks – afternoon tea – something else

hush arbors – lisbon – yankee reality

cave – gamm – psychic psummer

the black beats – the mod trade – v/a psych funk sa-re-ga

torchbearers boil – solar singe – v/a anagram jam

cbs romania – mask it – v/a anagram jam




i’d like to say that i promise to be more timely with these playlists, but i kind of know better.   i will try, however.   hope to see you at the cactus club on sunday night……..   did you miss this show?   check it out on the archives section of where you can find two years worth of archived programming.


shopkeeper ken


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playlist for five & dime show aired 6-jan-11

this is ridiculous…..i apologize for the delay.   i lost this playlist, made another copy of it at the station during my last show, then proceeded to lose the new copy, and the one for the 20th of january…..but now they’ve been found, and i better put them up before i lose them again.   so here it is:



artist – song – album


rameses III – we shall never sing of sorrow – i could not love you more

jessie may hill – sunshine in the shadows – v/a preachin’ the gospel: holy blues

will oldham – ode #1 – ode music

golden coins – ale spins – hugging etiquette demos ep

hush arbors – rue hollow – s/t ( the one on ecstatic peace )

barn owl & the infinite string ensemble – light – the headlands

buster johnson – undertaker blues – v/a i woke up one morning in may ( dedicated to elaine )

ballake sissoko & vincent segal – chamber music – chamber music

josef van wissem – the day is coming – ex patris

cluster & eno – ho renomo – cluster & eno

richard skelton – undertow – landings

the seven fields of ephelion – grown – periphery

lau nau – gravity, light – nukkuu

nils frahm & anne muller – let my key be c – 7 fingers

jack rose – red horse II – v/a wooden guitar

espers – flaming telepaths – the weed tree

danny paul grody – eve – fountain

marc ribot – flicker – silent movies

twinsistermoon – black nebulae – then fell the ashes….

j.p. nyangira – hongo owiti – v/a bellyachers, listen:  songs from east africa 1938-1946

national orchestra ‘a’ of the republic of mali – nonsi komotigi – s/t

the kinks – big sky – the kinks are the village green preservation society

status quo – black veils of melancholy – messages from the status quo

christian bland & the revelators – i see you – the lost album

13th floor elevators – she lives in a time of her own – easter everywhere

okay temiz – dokuz sekiz – v/a turkish freakout

the remains – morning – s/t (from the deluxe 2lp version, unreleased instrumental until this came out)

gary numan – airlane (demo) – pleasure principle 30th anniversary edition



there you have, sorry again for the delay.   the 20th of january playlist to follow immediately.   miss the show?  catch in on the archives section of     where you can find 2 years worth of five & dime shows……….


shopkeeper ken

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playlist for five & dime show aired 23-dec-10… of 2010

been some time, i apologize.    this was my year in review best of show………top 30 or so albums/reissues/comps of 2010.    some were forgotten at home, others didn’t fit in the 3 hour time limit, others were completely forgotten about until the next day……damn, how could i have forgotten about _______?     anyway, here’s the list:



artist – song – album



brian eno – late anthropocene – small craft on a milk sea

prisma – moth song – the cosmic coil

noveller – almost alright – desert fires

jon mueller – remembered – the whole

john lee ziegler – who’s gonna be your man – v/a been here all my days

yair yona – russian dance – remember

tallest man on earth – king of spain – the wild hunt

lulu jackson – you’re going to leave the old home jim – v/a the rain don’t fall on me

joanna newsom – easy – have one on me

alberto ruiz  y su lira incaica – pacenita – v/a excavated shellac:  strings

barn owl & the infinite string ensemble – levitation – the headlands

fursaxa – poplar moon – mychorrizae realm

master musicians of bukkake – coincidentia oppositorum – totem two

breathe owl breathe – lake light – magic central

john fahey – the voice that carried us away & then a mosquito came & ate up – america

bob dylan – tomorrow is a long time – witmark demos 1962-1964

neil young – walk with me – le noise

neu! – hallo gallo – v/a deutsche elektronische musik vol. 1

wooden shjips – o, tannenbaum – 12″

gunn truscinski duo – takism II – sand city

evan caminiti – path to the sea – west winds

barn owl – incantation – ancestral star

guanaco – paeans to beals – sky burials

group doueh – kar lakhaal – beatte harab

moon unit – in the trees – escape

minh xuan & phurong hoang – black sun – v/a saigon rock & soul

omar khorshid – ah ya zaman – guitar el chark



there you have it, stay tuned for more beautiful sounds throughout 2011……….good things coming.



shopkeeper ken

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