playlist for five & dime show aired 24-feb-2011 wmse

hello again…….sorry for the delay, this sickness i am burdened by has kept me down, and sitting in front of the computer is low on the totem pole of things i need to do…….i apologize.  i hope to be better in the future about posting them on the day of the broadcast, and i promise to work at that.    i’ll be back on again this thursday, please tune in if you’ve been enjoying the show lately……lots of new stuff to share.    as with the previous posts, i’ve started to include the record label as well, partly to give credit to the amazing work of all the great labels out there, and partly to make it easier to track some of these things down……..please don’t forget, however, that here in milwaukee there are several local record stores that are willing to order things for you…..let’s keep them in business too.


here’s the playlist:


artist – song – album – label



john fahey – the yellow princess – the yellow princess – vanguard

joe callicott – fare thee well blues – v/a: i woke up one morning in may – mississippi

john fahey – a raga called pat part III – voice of the turtle – takoma

danny paul grody – route 1 – fountain – root strata

max ochs – raga – v/a:  contemporary guitar – takoma

intriya ag babo – taliat – v/a:  ishilan n-tenere (guitar music from the western sahel) – mississippi/sahel sound

john fahey – when the spring time comes again – best of…. – takoma

mario escudero – almoradi – flamenco – folkways

natural snow buildings – the waves of the random sea – waves of the random sea – blackest rainbow

bridget st. john – many happy returns – ask me no questions – dandelion (recently reissued on 4men with beards)

breathe owl breathe – lake light – magic central – hometapes

john fahey – i am the resurrection – the transfiguration of blind joe death – riverboat

steve gunn – concrete beach – sundowner – harvest recordings

higuma – hathor’s dance – den of the spirits – digitalis

unknown – pamahei – v/a:  mata la pena – mississippi

lau nau – jos minulla olim – kuutarha – locust

fripp & eno – evening star – evening star – editions eg

john fahey – red cross, disciple of christ today – red cross – revenant

en – pratyaya – the absent coast – root strata

harmonia – kekse – deluxe – brain

black eagle child – roscoe running – split lp with donato epiro – blackest rainbow

noveller – bleached beach – bleached valentine – ox-ghost recordings

voice of the seven thunders – dry leaves – 7″ single – tchantinler

toraia orchestra of algiers – chataaraban – music of the arab people – esoteric

count five – peace of mind – 7″ on double shot

the troggs – heads or tails – 7″ on page one

the kinks – skin & bone – 7″ on rca

dave heenan set – alice in wonderland – 7″ on epic

the chocolate tunnel – ostrich people – 7″ on era

the vagrants – beside the sea – 7″ on atco

the deverons – on the road again – 7″ on raynard

lulu – love loves to love love – 7″ on epic

new apocalypse – stainless soul – 7″ on mta

rotation – rotation – 7″ on polydor




that does it.    don’t forget, you can listen to the five & dime show anytime, anywhere on the wmse website……. @, just visit the archives section & look for the thursday 9am – noon time slot…….2 years worth of five & dime show installments just waiting to be heard.



shopkeeper ken


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playlist for five & dime show aired 17-feb-2011

howdy……..week one of a four/five week stretch……enjoyed providing this show, hope you liked listening.   did you miss it?   check the archives section @ where you can find two years worth of five & dime shows, along with every other show on 91.7 wmse.     lots of new stuff that i didn’t get to on this show, i’m most excited to share the new natural snow buildings 2lp ‘waves of the random sea’……you’ll be hearing tracks from it for the next few weeks for sure.    also new ural umbro, sanso xtro, noveller & so much more……sometimes three hours just isn’t enough.    here’s the playlist.



artist – song – album – label



brian eno – 2/2 – ambient 1:   music for airports – editions eg

hans joachim roedelius – troubadour – geschenk des augenblicks (gift of the moment) – editions eg

yair yona – skinny fists – remember – strange attractors audio house

bridget st. john – to b without a hitch – ask me no questions – 4 men with beards

kaleidoscope – dive into yesterday – tangerine dream – fontana

the observatory – omicron – dark folke – self released

motion sickness of time travel – telepathy – seeping through the unconscious – digitalis

deaf center – new beginning (tidal darkness) – owl splinters – type

barn owl & the infinite string ensemble – foghorns – headlands – important

fursaxa – poplar moon – mychorrhizae realm – atp

william tyler – the cult of the peacock angel – behold the spirit – tompkins square

joanna newsom – the book of right on – the milk-eyed mender – drag city

steve gunn – imi the king – sundowner – harvest recordings

woody guthrie – mean talking blues – hard travelin’: the asch recordings volume 3 – smithsonian folkways

organisation – noitasinagro – tone float – rca

michael bundt – la chasse aux microbes – just landed cosmic kid – asylum

wolfgang riechmann – silberland – wunderbar – sky

hardy kukuk – so – atemnot – self released

can – future days – future days – united artists

michael rother – flammende herzen – ’45 on the sky label

gunter schickert – wanderer – uberfalling – sky ( played for tom wanderer )


james last closed out the show with his staggering version of ‘brazil’……..had to talk over it i believe.



thanks, stay tuned…………..





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playlist for five & dime show aired 3-february-2011 wmse

this must be a record for the quickest post of a playlist……it only took a little over 24 hours.    not much to say about this one, i enjoyed the set, hope you did, too.   got a few calls during the show from people just wanting to tell me that they really enjoyed it as well……..i must have done something right.   anyway, here’s, the list.    also, i’ve decided to start listing the record label from here on out, in an effort to help people find these releases if they so desire.


artist – song – album – record label



twinsistermoon – to the green pastures ( of the land of the dead ) – the hollow mountain – blackest rainbow

jon mueller – remembered – the whole – type

hala strana – herding slip – fielding – last visible dog

grouper – traveling through a sea – dragging a dead deer up a hill – type

karen dalton – something on your mind – in my own time – originally on just sunshine records, currently available on light in the attic

marisa anderson – a dream of willie mctell – the golden hour – mississippi records

sibylle baier – softly – colour green – orange twin

mark mcguire – second thoughts – vdsq solo acoustic volume two – vin du select qualitite

metal mountains – the golden trees that shade us – golden trees – amish records

abba gargando – zinezju meghdem – ishilan n-tenere:  guitar music from the western sahel – mississippi records/sahel sounds

lionel belasco – las palmas de maracaibo – ghost world ost – shanachie (  also available on a rounder cd of just lionel belasco stuff, called ‘goodnight ladies & gents’)

sean smith – topinambour – eternal – strange attractors audio house

bob dylan – chimes of freedom – another side of bob dylan – columbia

fred mcdowell – gravel road blues – s/t – mississippi records/arhoolie

brother willie eason – grumblers – oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always – mississippi records

philip cohran & the artistic heritage ensemble – the minstrel – s/t – aestuarium records

salah ragab & the cairo jazz band – egypt strut – egyptian jazz – art yard

dao bandon – tang ngarn si nong – sounds of siam – soundway

cluster – sowiesoso – sowiesoso – 4 men with beards ( originally on sky )

noveller – same – desert fires – saffron recordings ( coming out soon on vinyl (yes!) on weird forest )

rev. lonnie farris – peace in the valley – oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always – mississippi records

white stripes – stop breaking down – s/t – third man records …….sad to see you go……..

krakvind – skracken – s/t – tjarnen

golden coins – quacks & nostrums – hugging etiquette demos ep – self released

misophone – the motherless moth headed bread boy – be glad you are only human – kning disk

the velvet undergound & nico – sunday morning – s/t – verve

yo la tengo – here to fall – popular songs – matador

baby grandmothers – somebody keeps calling my name – s/t – subliminal sounds

the kinks – see my friends – kinkdom – reprise        …….damn, i wish i would’ve realized that it was dave davies birthday, i would’ve done an entire show of the kinks!

ron eliran – high in the desert – s/t – polydor (made in israel)

the panthers – malkaus – folk & pop instrumentals of pakistan 1966-1976 – sublime frequencies

ray wun – run way – anagram jam – fat city / b music

juan pablo torres & algo nueva – son a propulsion – si para usted:  the funky beats of revolutionary cuba volume 1



that’s it.    as always, you can listen to the show at     just visit the archives section, and search for the date……..2 years worth of the five & dime show available for your perusal.   enjoy.



shopkeeper ken


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