playlist for five & dime show aired 31-march-2011 wmse

hello again………here is the playlist for the show today, not wasting any time.    a couple of things need mentioning first, however.   if you are in the milwaukee area, i strongly encourage you to visit the buy local bazaar happening this saturday april 2nd, from 10am to 4pm.    all proceeds from admission help support wmse (only $4!) and there will be over 60 different local businesses/people there selling their wares……..myself included.   i (along with wmse & exclusive company……perhaps others) will be selling records/music related items (many of which have been featured on the five & dime show), so please come down if that sort of thing appeals to you.   see full details for the event at


also, if you missed the show you can always check it out at the archive page, i have a link to it just to the right, and scroll down a bit……you’ll see it.    also in that same area is a link to the benefit for the recovery in japan download…….please contribute to that, cheapest 5 hours of new music you are likely to find…..unless of course you are one of those that steal your music from the internets…….and if that’s the case, well shame on you.



okay, i’ll step off the soap box, and give you the playlist for today’s show:



artist – song – album – label




lawrence english – hotaru – benefit for the recovery of japan

tim hecker – in the fog hill – ravedeath, 1972 – kranky

black eagle child – crandon – lobelia – preservation

nick drake – know – pink moon – island

glenn jones – little dog’s day – against which the sea continually beats – strange attractors audio house

black eagle child – the river’s course – lobelia – preservation   (while i was more than happy to play this track, it was a bit too close to the previous black eagle child track……i lost track of which cd was in which player…….doh.)

natural snow buildings – solar flares – the centauri agent –   if my memory serves (and it usually doesn’t, this was available only as a download)

six organs of admittance – spirits abandoned – dark noontide – holy mountain

nackt insecten – death catcher – reality bridge – blackest rainbow

misophone – a ghost of right wing america – i sit at open windows – another

thurston moore – de koninck – vdsq-solo acoustic volume 5 / 12 string meditations for jack rose – vin du select qualitite

tom carter – mended – benefit for the recovery in japan

marconi notaro – antroplogica – no sub reino dos metazoarios – time lag

andy iona – vana vana – v/a: tickling the strings music of hawaii 1929-1952 – harlequin

bob dylan – corrina, corrina – the freewheelin’ bob dylan – columbia

blackshaw, wood, wood & tomlinson – are you alright? (chump change) – benefit for the recovery in japan

kim doo soo – 10 days butterfly – the evening river – blackest rainbow

nico – it has not taken long – the end…. – island

grouper – cassiopeia – benefit for the recovery in japan

ola brenno – halling/julekvelden – folk music of norway – folkways

maailma – dodsrikets port – noitalauiuja – tjarnen

motion sickness of time travel – moons through a telescope – a disembodied voice in the darkness – teosinte

noveller – starve – bleached valentine – ox ghost recordings

higuma – crystal harvest – pacific fog dreams – root strata

steve gunn – mustapha’s exit – boerum palace – three lobed records

d. charles speer – markos’s cave – arghiledes – thrill jockey

mountains – still life – benefit for the recovery in japan

lumerians – burning mirrors – transmalinnia – knitting factory

neu! – fur immer – 2 – brain

junip – in every direction – cd single – mute

can – spoon – ege bamyasi – spoon

wooden shjips – contact – 12″ single – mexican summer

red stuff – valerie & daisy – best of hot rod love – skell



that does it for this installment of the five & dime show……hope to see you at the buy local bazaar…..i’ll be back on air in two weeks.



shopkeeper ken


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link to benefit for the recovery in japan

just a quick note, i don’t have time right now to post full play list from todays show, that will appear later……..but the link for the benefit for japan i mentioned/played tracks from on today’s five & dime show is now up……look to the right under links.      almost five hours of music for $15.00, and all proceeds go to help the people of japan……it’s a win/win.     please donate today.



shopkeeper ken

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playlist for five & dime show aired 17-march-2011 wmse

hello again.     wmse turned 30 years old on this day!   30!   thanks to all the listeners for keeping us around for this long, let’s hope for at least 30 more.    here’s the playlist:



artist – song – album – label



eternal tapestry – ancient echoes – beyond the 4th door – thrill jockey

higuma – morraine – pacific fog dreams – root strata

six organs of admittance – hold but let go – asleep on the floodplain – drag city

nick jonah davis – nocturne – of time & tides – tompkins square

george katsaros – bee ti mangas pou mai go – v/a:  brass pins & match heads – mississippi/canary

al jones – all my friends are back again – alan ashworth jones – mooncrest

irma thomas – ruler of my heart – irma thomas sings – mississippi

cannonball adderley with the nat adderley sextet narrated by rick holmes – pisces – soul zodiac – capitol

david axelrod – holy thursday – songs of innocence – capitol

kuupuu – kissamuori krapulassa – spinning on air session

marc 4 – matto grosso – v/a:  stroboscopia – plastic

ngozi family – nizaka panga ngozi – 45,000 volts – nosmoke

the animated egg – sock it my way – s/t – alshire

lumerians – olive alley – s/t – subterranean elephants recording company

christian bland & the revelators – jabberwocky – the lost album – private press

the thirteenth floor elevators – fire engine – 7th heaven:  music of the spheres the complete singles collection – charly

illes – szerelem – v/a:  best of hungarian rock scene 1965-1971

elvis phurong – the crazy song – v/a:  saigon:  rock & soul vietnamese classic tracks 1968-1974 – sublime frequencies

mort garson – pisces: the peace piper – zodiac cosmic sounds – elektra

mike mainieri quartet – minnesota thins – insight – solid state

freedom power – vortice – v/a:  stroboscopica – plastic

the soul shakers – you ain’t my brother – v/a:  movements: 14 deep funk pearls – perfect toy

the mohawks – senor thump – mo’hawk:  essential vibes & grooves 1967-1975 – rpm



———19 minute interview with vijay iyer with wmse dj doctor sushi————-



dorothy ashby – soul vibrations – afro harping – cadet

dave pike set – mathar – v/a:  psychedelic jazz – universal jazz germany

petalouda – what you can do in your life – v/a:  pop festival ’73 – polydor

colomach – cotocun gba gounke – v/a:  psychedelic afro-rock & fuzz funk in 1970’s nigeria

lew hanson & the islanders – soul safari – v/a:  movements:  14 deep funk pearls – perfect toy

roger & the gypsies – pass the hatchet – v/a:  saturday night fish fry – soul jazz

pointer sisters – pinball number count – 12″ single – ninja tune

the whitefield brothers – weiya (serengeti beat) – in the raw – soul fire



that does it……..i’m sleepy, and have little else to say.   i will be back on the air in two weeks…….until then.




shopkeeper ken

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playlist for five & dime show aired 10-march-2011 on wmse

hello again…….sorry.    whew.   what a couple weeks it’s been.   lots of working, little time off.   has it been five weeks in a row of radio shows?   six?   feels like six.   anyway, i apologize if anyone was looking for this play list right away, it’s taken a week for this one to appear.    stay tuned, i’ll immediately post the play list for today’s show as well, today being the 17th of march.   here we go:



artist – song – album – label



six organs of admittance – above a desert i’ve never seen – asleep on the floodplain – drag city

james blackshaw – fix – the glass bead game – young god

myrmyr – the story begins – the amber sea – digitalis

jack rose – revolt – s/t – tequila sunrise

rafael anton irisarri – lit a dawn – reverie – immune recordings

concern – young birth – truth & distance – digitalis

golden coins – ale spins – hugging etiquette demos ep – self released

pink floyd – see saw – a nice pair – harvest

lost in hildurness ( or hildur gudnadottir ) – floods – mount a – touch tone

deaf center – animal sacrifice – owl splinters – type

evan caminiti – night of the archon – west winds – three lobed

marisa anderson – drop down – the golden hour – mississippi

fred mcdowell – woke up this morning – v/a:  i’ll be so glad when the sun goes down

mcintorsh & edwards – take a stand – v/a:  fight on, your time ain’t long – mississippi

c joynes – poison in the well – revenants, prodigies & the restless dead – immune recordings

natural snow buildings – this ice fortress – waves of the random sea – blackest rainbow

my education – a man alone – sunrise – strange attractors audio house

motion sickness of time travel – clairvoyance – seeping through the veil of unconscious – digitalis

yair yona – russian dance – remember – strange attractors audio house

gunter schickert – puls – uberfallig – sky

sonic youth – au cafe – simon werner a disparu ost – syr

section 25 – be brave – always now – factory

moebius & beerbohm – subito – strange music – bureau b

gary numan – i die: you die (alternate version) – telekon – beggars banquet

disappears – not romantic – guider – kranky

mc5 – ramblin’ rose – kick out the jams – elektra

morgen – welcome to the void – s/t – abc probe

the brims – anti gandja – v/a:  those shocking shaking days – now again

kalyanji anandji – dharmatma theme music – v/a:  psych funk sa-re-ga – world psychedelic funk classics

the grains of sand – she needs me – v/a:  pebbles volume 4 – east side digital

the x’lents – psychedelia – v/a:  psych funk sa-re-ga – world psychedelic funk classics

golden wing – hear me – v/a:  those shocking shaking days – now again


there you have, another installment of the five & dime show.   miss it?   check it out in the archives section, @   where you can find two years worth of shows……….enjoy.



shopkeeper ken

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play list for five & dime show aired 3-march-2011 wmse

hello………sorry, life got in the way of me posting this play list in a timely fashion……..been super busy at the shop & worked full time last week, and this week as well.   strange when your hours more than double in a work week, makes me wonder how anyone with a full time job gets anything done.   i’m not complaining, my life is pretty great & i’m lucky to live on what little money i have.    here’s the play list, not sure if i am doing the 10th of march show by myself, or if andy will be back….we shall see.    don’t forget, if you missed this show, to check it out on the archives section at



artist – song – album – label




davy graham – both sides now – large as life & twice as natural – london

tallest man on earth – pistol dreams – shallow grave – mexican summer

woody guthrie – union burying ground – struggle – folkways

ted lewis & his band – headin’ for better times – v/a:  songs of the depression – book of the month records (!)

the prisonaires – if i were king – five beats behind bars – charly

emil richards & the microtonal blues band – maharimba – impulse

lata mangeshkar & manna dey – 1956, 1957, 1958 – v/a:  bombshell baby of bombay – bombay connection

ofo & the black company – allah wakbarr – v/a:  love is the real thing – luaka bop / stones throw

group el azhar – touedar aakli – 1970’s algerian proto-rai underground – sublime frequencies

moha jamin – raks raks raks – v/a:  raks raks raks – ?

confusions – voice from the inner soul – simla beat 70/71 – shadoks

link wray & his ray men – hidden charms – the swan singles collection 1963-1967 – sundazed

the unrelated segments – where you gonna go? – 7′ on liberty

monks – monktime – five upstart americans

jujus – alchemy of the blues – alchemy of the blues – folkways

atomic – bop about – theater tilters volume 1 – jazzland

os mutantes – a minha menina – s/t – polydor

the mohawks – the champ – the champ – pama

les humphries & his friends – searchin’ for soul – pop party – karussell

eddie russ – the lope song – 12″ on soul jazz

serge gainsbourg – requiem pour un con – les annees psychedelic – ?

apaslar – gilgamis – v/a:  turkish freakout – bazouki joe

baris manco – kucuk bir gece muzigi – dunden bugune – guerssen

the orient express – layla – s/t – mainstream

kaleidoscope – faintly blowing – faintly blowing – fontana

broadcast – bit 35 – tender buttons – warp

esmerim – beyaz kelebekler – v/a:  turkish freakout – bazouki joe

disappears – revisiting (edited for time) – guider – drag city

manuel gottsching – echo waves (edited for time) – inventions for electric guitar

hawkwind – master of the universe – space ritual – united artists

pretty things – defecting grey (demo) – defecting grey – sundazed

velvet underground – train round the bend – loaded – cotillion

scott walker – 30 century man – 3 – 4men with beards

the who – you see my way – s/t – polydor

the remains – why do i cry – the remains – epic

the kinks – yes sir, no sir – arthur or the decline & fall of the british empire – pye

christian bland & the revelators – psychic haze – the lost album




that’s it……my rather upbeat installment of the five & dime show……i will return next show with many new things for you to enjoy……please stay tuned.



shopkeeper ken




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