playlist for the five & dime show aired 21-july-2011 wmse

howdy folks.   hope all is well with you, that you survived the heat wave without too much strife.    seriously hot here in milwaukee for four days, things have finally cooled off a bit.   was thinking about doing another winter themed show for this installment of the five & dime show, but i’ve just been picking up too much new stuff lately to limit it to a themed show……perhaps in august.


here’s the playlist…..again, don’t forget if you missed the show, it can be found via a link if you scroll down a bit…..2 years worth of programming is archived on the wmse website.


artist – song – album – label




believer – nocturnal sea – believer – land and sea

message to bears – hidden beneath – departures – dead pilot

woody guthrie – i ain’t got no home in this world anymore – dust bowl ballads – folkways

the kinks – complicated life – muswell hillbillies – rca victor

yo la tengo – moby octopod – i can hear the heart beating as one – matador

hush arbors – follow closely – s/t – ecstatic peace

davy graham – nadu silma – godington boundry – president

grupo de ‘la alegria’ – el tambor de la alegria – v/a:  hot women:women singers from the torrid regions – kein & aber records

benny nawahi – tickling the strings – v/a:  tickling the strings music of hawaii 1929-1952 – harlequin

steve gunn – no atlas – sundowner – harvest recordings

thurston moore – illuminine – demolished thoughts – matador

mountains – january 17 – air museum – thrill jockey

alexander turnquist – spherical aberrations – hallway of mirrors – vhf

tallest man on earth – into the stream – s/t ep – gravitation

william tyler – tears & saints – behold the spirit – tompkins square

gwigwi mrwebi – mini mthembo – mbaqanga songs – honest jons

voice of the seven woods – satai nova – s/t – finders keepers

gospel keys – we’re gonna have a good time – black diamond express to hell – matchbox

motion sickness of time travel – luminaries – luminaries & synastry – digitalis

golden coins – ale spins – hugging etiquette demos ep – whittyremarks

gabor szabo – raga doll – jazz raga – impulse

lionel belasco – hit & run away – goodnight ladies & gents – rounder

wereworm – southlawn – ‘from a soon to be released (hopefully) full length – n/a

steve gunn – house of knowledge – boerum palace – three lobed

william tyler – the green pastures – behold the spirit – tompkins square


——- hello milwaukee (and surrounding areas) people…..these last three tracks, as mentioned on the show, are the lineup for an upcoming show at the cactus club here in milwaukee.   not to be missed in my humble opinion.   it is on saturday july 30th, starts at 10pm.    you really should check it out.


ok jazz – bolole ya mwasi oyo – roots of ok jazz – crammed discs

the modern lovers – road runner – s/t – beserkley

moon duo – when you cut – mazes – sacred bones

the velvet underground – rock & roll – loaded – cotillion

peaking lights – birds of paradise dub version – 636 – not not fun

monks – oh, how to do now – black monk time – polydor

michael yonkers band – microminiature love – microminiature love – de stijl




there you have it, another installment of the five & dime show…….i’ll be back in a couple weeks…..thanks for your kind words, and your continued listener-ship.



shopkeeper ken

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play list for five & dime show aired 7-july-2011 wmse

so good to be back.     took about a 10 day vacation to the lovely north woods here in wisconsin for some cabin-ing, canoeing, hiking, etc…….only to be derailed by mother nature.   it rained about %75 of the time, hence the brief rain theme in the show.    still nice to not be work, got some reading done (currently about halfway done with the recent alan lomax biography), and found some great records for a change….haven’t had the best of luck up there in years past, but with all the rain it made for great record hunting.


cannot wait until the end of july for the stations yearly concert event, radio summer camp.    the show i’m most excited about is saturday july 30th at the cactus club……local favorites wereworm, steve gunn (possibly the gunn-truscinski duo, not sure at this time) & william tyler.    this will be a fantastic show, and i hope that you can attend.   more news/details to folllow, i will be playing as much as possible from these artists in the coming weeks, so please tune in.


here’s the playlist……as always, if you like what you see, why not listen?   click on the link at right and check out the archives of the five & dime show in all it’s glory.    thanks to all for the kind words upon my triumphant return to the radio, i really missed the show…..going four weeks without it was strange.



artist – song – album – label



yair yona – remember – remember – strange attractors audio house

paz lenchantin – songs for luci – kentucky hymn – black tent

danny paul grody – route 1 – fountain – root strata   (wish someone would put this out on VINYL…..please?)

william tyler – missionary ridge – behold the spirit – tompkins square

washington phillips – i had a good mother & father – what are they doing in heaven today – mississippi

tallest man on earth – it will follow the rain – s/t ep – gravitation

the prisonaires – just walking in the rain – five beats behind bars – charly

ken nordine – looks like it’s going to rain – you’re getting better:  the word jazz dot masters – hip-o select

vashti bunyan – come wind come rain – just another diamond day – philips

women of gee’s bend – it’s gonna rain – how we got over: sacred songs of gee’s bend – tinwood

a.a. bondy – black rain, black rain – american hearts – fat possum

bob dylan – a hard rain’s a-gonna fall – the freewheelin’ – columbia

willie johnson – the rain don’t fall on me – v/a: the rain don’t fall on me – mississippi

brian eno/harold budd – delta rain dream – 4th world: volume 1 possible musics – eg

chris forsyth – paranoid cat – v/a: imaginational anthem IV: new possibilities – tompkins square

jesse sparhawk & eric carbonara – the entwined twin (edited for time) – sixty strings – vhf

kathleen baird – morning song #1 – lullaby for strangers – secret eye

the caretaker – long term (remote) – persistent repetition of phrases – history always favors the winners

tom waits – more than rain – franks wild years – island

rm74 – allergenic – before the end of june – self released tour ep

can – she brings the rain – soundtracks – united artists

acid mothers temple & the melting pot paraiso u.f.o. – in c – in c – squealer

noveller – blue – glacial glow – weird forest

django reinhart – sweet chorus – swingin’ with django – charly

timber timbre – black water – creep on creepin’ on – arts & crafts

irma thomas – it’s raining – irma thomas sings – mississippi

the kinks – rainy day in june – face to face – reprise

jack rose – cathedral et chartres – i do play rock & roll – three lobed

the swans – little mouth – my father will guide me up a rope to the sky – young god

iqbal jogi & party – lal mori pat – the passion of pakistan – tradition

barn owl – void & devotion – shadowland ep – thrill jockey

motion sickness of time travel – visions of bliss & peace – disembodied voice in the darkness – hooker vision

gunn/truscinski duo – takism II – sand city – three lobed




there you have it, another installment of the five & dime show…..thanks for reading/listening, back at you in two weeks or earlier…..i would like to start doing some reviews here someday, just need some motivation……



shopkeeper ken


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