playlist for the five & dime show aired 18-august-2011 wmse

wow.   what a show.    a special all 45 installment of the five & dime show, showcasing many killer cuts from the cosmo cruz collection.    i work here in milwaukee at bullseye records, and we are preparing for an amazing sale of his singles (we’ve been put in charge of settling this part of his estate)……so i’ve been spending full days researching/pricing/listening to this incredible archive of mainly soul/funk/girl group 45’s…..and it came to me that i should share them with all the listeners before they disappear into collector hands.    many of you i’m sure were longtime listeners to cosmo’s show, and a lot of these may sound familiar…….i just had to play them again, they were begging at me to be played again over the airwaves.   the archive only holds two years worth of shows, so i took it upon myself to refresh it with these gems.


many called to ask about the records, and these are the rather vague details of what is going on with them………as far as the singles go, they will be offered up for sale at bullseye records in mid-october at a special sale……details/dates will follow, and i believe wmse will be sending out an email to all who are signed up with them at a later date.   if you are only mildly interested in funk/soul you won’t want to miss this…..and if you are totally into it, well…..start saving your money now…’s an insane amount of records.    please don’t call/stop in wanting to see them early, or ask if we have anything you’re looking for…’s too vast of a collection to keep track, and we would like everyone to get a fair shake at what they are looking for.     more details to follow, stay tuned.



here’s the playlist, a bit different this time, as this show was all 45’s



artist – song – label



the sharpees – do the 45 – one-derful

dee dee sharpe – baby cakes – cameo

huey ‘piano’ smith & his clowns – free single & disengaged – ace

the pastel six – bandido – zen

the soothers – i believe in you – port

jackie shane – any other way – cookin’

bobbie smith & the dream girls – now he’s gone – big top

pearlean gray & the passengers – i don’t want to cry – green sea

robert ‘boo boo’ martinez – scramble – firma

rex garvin & the mighty cravers – sock it to ’em, j.b. – like

gamma goochie – i’m gonna buy me a dog – colpix

the gamblers with jackie lewis – drivin’ blues – gas lite

natural bridge bunch – pig snoots part 1 – atco

aaron neville – a hard nut to crack – parlo

tammy montgomery – if you don’t think – try me

the millionaires – love is strange – specialty

the presidents – stinky – de luxe

helene smith with the rocketeers – thrills & chills – lloyd

dori grayson – try love – murco

len mondell – that’s what girls are made of – smash

lucky millinder & his orchestra – big fat mama – warwick

gigi & the charmaines – brazil – columbia

kris peterson – mama’s little baby is a big girl now – pelikin

sly & the family stone – underdog – epic

monopoly ltd – underdog’s child – faithful virtues

the shells – whiplash – conlo

lee moses – bad girl part 1 – musicor

gerald sims – little echo – okeh

the sonnettes – i’ve gotten over you – k.o. (knockout)

ray pettis – don’t use me – exodus

paulette parker – (gimme back) my love – duke

jimmy merritt – i’ll forget about you – crackerjack

the sherrys – monk, monk monkey – guyden

little willie john – i’m shakin’ – king

cecil garrett & the fascinations – bearcat part 1 – calla

the matadors – wobble wobble – forbes

plookie mccline – uncle willy – jerry-o

‘candy’ phillips – timber part 1 – atlantic

grant smith & the power – you got what i want

don gardner – my baby likes to boogaloo – tru-glo-town

eddie palmieri & cal tjader – come and get it (boogaloo) – tico

the village callers – hector – rampart

prime mates – hot tamales part 1 – sansu

raw soul – georgia walk – dpg

simtec simmons – tea pot – maurci

huey smith & the clowns – you got too – instant

sons of slum – 16 miles of plastic ghetto – gamma

rusty bryant – fire eater – prestige

the showmen inc. – the tramp part 1 – now

baby earl & the trini-dads – back slop – s.p.q.r.

the accents – you better think again – one-derful

the pretempts – freeze out – bj

the martinis – bullseye – u.s.a.

the sierras – i’ll believe it when i see it – goldisc

johnnie mae matthews – the headshrinker – sue

jackie paine – go go train – jet stream   (had to talk over a bit of this one, sorry………)



well, that does it.   as of right now i plan to do at LEAST one more of these, maybe i’ll do this until the aforementioned sale in mid-october…….we’ll see.    stay tuned.




shopkeeper ken

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playlist for the five & dime show aired 4-august-2011 wmse

first, let me say this, since i spaced it every time i was on the microphone today……thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came out to any of the radio summer camp shows this past week/weekend.     i’m especially grateful to those of you that made it to the five & dime show themed show…..wereworm / gunn-truscinski duo / william tyler.   it was a beautiful night for me & i hope it was the same for all involved.


as far as today…….this was a special installment of the five & dime show…….a tribute to the man who is responsible for me getting a show on this great radio station (91.7 wmse milwaukee), and also a tribute to my wife of nearly 7 years……it was on this day 17 years ago that we went on our first date (yeah, i know, it took me a while to pop the question).    the very definition of dichotomy for sure, and i’m reminded of another show where i had it all planned out as a birthday tribute to tom waits, only to lose one of my favorite musicians the same week……jack rose.   went ahead with the celebration of tom waits, but mixed in a bunch of jack rose stuff as well……..i think it worked then, and i think this show worked really well also.


cosmo cruz.    such a great man, i respect anyone that speaks truth, regardless of consequence…..and he was not afraid to speak his mind in the least.    i’m reminded of a story he told me about a year ago.   he was walking to the grocery store on a warm summer day (koppas to be exact) and heard someone shout from behind him ‘on your left’.   he moved to his left, only to run into someone riding a bicycle.   they fell off their bike, ate some pavement to be exact.   while this fully grown man gathered himself & wiped the blood from his lip, cosmos response was ‘you’re a big boy now, shouldn’t you riding that thing out in the street’?     classic cosmo.    he’s absolutely right, the sidewalk is no place for a grown person on a bike, and even though he had a hand in knocking this guy around, he spoke the truth…… mincing words, that one.     beautiful man.    hipped me to so much good music.   i really looked forward to his frequent visits at the record store, and my life will certainly be different without him.      i want to thank him so much for getting my foot in the door down at wmse…..i think i’d still be trying without his help.


to my wife……what can be said?     hands down the most supportive person i’ve ever known, and probably will ever know.    you are the best, and i hope the next seventeen years surpass the previous in terms of happiness……not sure how it could, but my fingers are crossed.      thank you.



okay……sorry, pretty emotional week thus far……and honestly, today was a bad, bad day.   started out great, always happy to be on the air, it’s generally my favorite time of the week…..but the rest of the day was bollocks.    pure shit as far as i’m concerned.   it will be better in a bit, but up until an hour or so ago, not so great.



here’s the playlist………..shut up already, shopkeeper.



artist – song – album – label



john coltrane – acknowledgement – a love supreme – impulse

james blackshaw – fix – the glass bead game – young god

date palms – psalm 7 – of psalms – root strata

jon mueller – remembered – the whole – type

natural snow buildings – a burial at sea – shadow kingdom – blackest rainbow

fred mcmullen – wait and listen – v/a: the georgia blues 1927-1933 – yazoo

jack rose – crossing the great waters – raag manifestos – vhf

rameses III – we shall never sing of sorrow – i could not love you more – type

black eagle child – the quarry slide – lobelia – preservation

yo la tengo – tired hippo – and then nothing turned itself inside out – matador

perry robinson – shenandoah – kundalini – improvising artists, inc.

derek monypeny – koto blouse – don’t bring me down, bruce – raheem

moss folk – holy lands – seven elephants – self released

sandy bull – blend II (excerpt) – inventions – vanguard

the garden – untitled #3 – in sea-land – install

myrmyr – hot snow (excerpt) – fire star – under the spire

mississippi john hurt – blue harvest blues – 1928 sessions – yazoo

eddie head & his family – lord i’m the true vine – v/a:  american primitive volume 1 pre-war gospel 1926-36

joanna newsom – the book of right on – the milk eyed mender – drag city

amiina – fjarkanistan – ammamina ep – the workers institute

matthew de gennaro – coal – humbled down – last visible dog

moss folk – native son – seven elephants – self released

motion sickness of time travel – ascendent – luminaries & synastry – digitalis

the velvet underground – some kinda love – s/t – mgm

peaking lights – all the sun that shines – 636 – no not fun

eternal tapestry & sun araw – night gallery III – night gallery – thrill jockey

collections of colonies of bees – lawn – giving – hometapes

the kinks – here come the people in grey – muswell hillbillies – rca

the remains – heart – s/t – epic



there you have it, another rather monumental installment of the five & dime show…….’a loud sound you cannot hear’.


shopkeeper ken

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