play list for five & dime show aired 29-september-2011 wmse

there never seems to be enough time.    the older i get, the faster it seems to slip past…….and the radio show seems to be no exception.    today’s show only ended a little over an hour ago, and already it seems a distant memory.   while i was there spinning discs both large & small i kept thinking….’leave enough time for this’ & ‘don’t forget you promised to play barn owl…..’ & ‘don’t forget to mention this show or that show…..’    and then all of a sudden it’s noon, and i have to hand it over to dori.    there are days, today being one of them, where i could literally host a 12 hour show, i brought that much music with me, and wanted to play that much as well.      oh well, in two weeks i’ll get another shot at it…….i PROMISE to play that barn owl stuff.



the shows i wanted to mention are as follows:   this weekend a new store is opening in riverwest, it’s called ‘rustbelt fiberwerks’ at 718 east center street, and these fools will be playing both saturday & sunday, i believe around 2pm both days:    i hope that link works, i’m an idiot when it comes to this blog, don’t know how to do anything.    the best i can do is type, and even then……………


the milwaukee talkees are quite possibly the best band you may have never had the chance to see…..well, this weekend, you have two.   doug (guitarist) has been absent from our city for some time, but is making a triumphant return for this weekend only……please do yourself a favor & go check them out & check out the shop as well.


the other show is one that i helped curate…..coming up on october 13th, exactly two weeks away… the sugar maple:    wereworm with good night & good morning and making their debut in milwaukee moss folk (previously from grand rapids, recent arrival here in milwaukee).     very much looking forward to this show, should be an interesting & diverse grouping…….much like the five & dime show.    hopefully this is just the start of me booking/curating shows……….we’ll see.


anyway, here’s the playlist from this mornings show……check it out on the archives link if you didn’t get a chance to listen earlier.





artist – song – album – label



brooklyn raga association – air – s/t – (not sure of label, available as a free download @

george katsaros – vre ti mangas pou’mai go – v/a:  to what strange place, the music of the ottoman-american diaspora 1916-1929 – tompkins square

glenn jones – anchor chain blues – the wanting – thrill jockey

mississippi john hurt – got the blues (can’t be satisfied) – avalon blues:  complete 1928 okeh recordings – columbia/okeh

gillian welch – tennessee – the harrow & the harvest – acony

message to bears – pretend to forget – departures – dead pilot records

erik enocksson – the nylon waltz – farval falkenberg – burnt toast

robert haigh – over land – written on water – crouton

twinsistermoon – unseen seen – the hollow mountain – blackest rainbow

aaron martin & justin wright – brush fire – light poured out of our bones – preservation

joanna newsom – sprout & the bean – the milk-eyed mender – drag city

bob dylan – worried blues – bootleg series volume 1-3 – columbia

roy smecks’ trio – reaching for the moon – v/a:  …i listen to the wind that obliterates my traces – dust-to-digital

oaklands’ famous one man band – amazing grace – v/a:  life is a problem….but where there is life, ther is hope – mississippi

steve gunn – the lurker extended – v/a:  not the spaces you know, but between them – three lobed recordings

kraftwerk – kometenmelodie 1 – autobahn – vertigo

peaking lights – tiger eyes (laid back) – 936 – not not fun

jurgen muller – sea bed meditation – science of the sea – digitalis

tiago sousa – walden pond’s monk (edit) – walden pond’s monk – immune

jacob hoffman & kandal’s orchestra – diona and hora – v/a:  i don’t feel at home in this world anymore – mississippi

unknown – unknown (possibly 70’s thai orchestra?) – unknown – mississippi

jonathan kane – super t bone – jet ear party – domino

yo la tengo – a worrying thing – painful – matador

reigning sound – i’m holding out – time bomb high school – in the red

the kinks – big sky – the kinks are the village green preservation society – pye/reprise

cave – adam roberts – neverendless – drag city

wooden shjips – flight – west – thrill jockey

king blood – black money – eyewash silver – permanent records

geeta dutt – mera naam chin chin choo – in memoriam – odeon

toolshed – I rooster II – v/a:  a kind of awe and reverence and wonder – twisted nerve







there you have it…….another installment of the five & dime show.   hope you enjoyed it as much as i.



shopkeeper ken





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playlist for the five & dime show aired 15-september-2011 wmse

sheesh.   really slept on this one, i completely forgot that i hadn’t posted this already…….sometimes i’m really bad about this.    this show was a return to form, as i spent the last two shows playing 45’s from the cosmo cruz archives.   and while that was fun, it got to me about half way through the second show….both emotionally, and in realizing that it was just too same-y after a while……i like to mix it up on the five & dime…..christ, that’s why i named it as such.    i may revisit some of those soul tunes in future shows, but as for another all soul 45 show, it probably won’t happen.     i think i received equal feedback for and against those shows, which was nice to hear (both for & against).


i really hope that those of you inclined to do so (and some of you not so inclined, for that matter….) went to see the swans/sir richard bishop show on wednesday the 21st.    good gravy, what a spectacle.   easily made it’s way into the top five shows i have ever seen, just an incredible night.    at one point i realized that it was the loudest AND quietest show i’ve ever been to.    when they were full on, there was no way one could talk, and when they were quiet, i think people were so stunned with what they were hearing/experiencing, they finally showed the respect ALL bands deserve, and kept their mouths shut…….you literally could’ve heard a pin drop in turner hall.    incredible.


in other news, i will be featured later this week on the ‘get to know your wmse dj’s ‘ series on the official wmse blog ‘sonic diet’.    check it out for some further insight into what makes me…..well, me.

anyway, here’s the play list.    there was a hint of a theme in this installment of the five & dime show……there was a really bad forest fire up in the boundary waters in minnesota/canada earlier in the week before this show aired, and the wind/jet stream was in perfect position to bring particulates/ash & the fairly strong odor of smoke into the city of milwaukee & points beyond…..several hundred miles away for those of you not into geography.      very strange to be woken up by the smell of smoke, and then to drive to work across town only to still smell smoke……strange times.





artist – song – album – label




date palms – honey devash – honey devash – mexican summer

lau nau – kuula – kuutarha – locust

charlatan – vodka rocks – triangles – digitalis

moondog – autumn – more moondog – prestige

michael flower – lake of fire – v/a: open strings – honest jons

claire thomas & susan vecey – bright waves – v/a: perspectives & distortion – cherry red

motion sickness of time travel – eight nineteen – luminaries & synastry – digitalis

aaron martin – trees are smoke – river water – preservation

les paul & mary ford – smoke rings – best of… – capitol

lecuona cuban boys – tabu – v/a: music of cuba 1909 -1951 – folkways

delmore brothers – my smoky mountain gal – best of….. – county

john bhengu – umakotshaha – v/a:  secret museum of mankind volume 2 – yazoo

black eagle child – cycle to the moon – pages on a plane – under the spire

matthew de gennaro – orange symphony – humbled down – last visible dog

glenn jones – the great swamp way rout – the wanting – thrill jockey

tallest man on earth – i won’t be found – shallow grave – mexican summer

little hat jones – bye bye baby blues – before the blues volume 1 – yazoo

erik enocksson – the joy of d.h. lawrence – farval falkenberg – burnt toast

noveller – kites calm desert fires – desert fires – saffron

mind over mirrors – round around – the voice rolling – digitalis

neu! – hallo gallo – neu! – gronland

john berberian & the rock east ensemble – the oud & the fuzz – middle eastern rock – verve forecast

t.rex – summertime blues – t.rex – reprise

modern lovers – roadrunner – s/t – beserkley

yo la tengo – fireside – popular songs – matador

sir richard bishop – canned goods & firearms – polytheistic fragments – drag city

the kinks – big black smoke – face to face (bonus track from cd) – reprise

the eyes – play with fire – arrival of the eyes – fontana

hawkwind – time we left this world today – space ritual – united artists

the wedding present – rotterdam – seamonsters – bizarre/planet

emuul – big clouds – the drawing of the line – digitalis





thanks for listening, don’t forget to check out any missed shows via the archives link………stay tuned.



shopkeeper ken


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playlist for the five & dime show aired 1-september-2011 wmse

hello again…….this was the 2nd installment of all 45’s from the cosmo cruz collection, and probably the last time i’ll do that for a while…….a bit overwhelming, and too much of the same thing happening for three hours.    while i love soul/funk stuff, too much of it can be a bad thing, and i certainly reached my limit after about half the show was up.   i know a lot of you enjoyed these shows (thanks for the calls/comments), but i also know that a lot of you want me to return to form…..whatever that is.     i agree with the latter, i’m ready to go back to what i really enjoy, which i can’t even define……but you know what i’m talking about.    the last month i’ve bought many new things that i want to share, and in the next installment of the show, i shall.



artist – song – label



the sharpees – do the 45 – one-derful!

elsie mae – do you really want to rescue me? part 1 – king

queenie lyons – try me – deluxe

the sensational five – it’s hard out here – sag port

mississippi joe – soul power – midas

the gay jays – chicken back part 1 – josie

paul gayten – scratch back – anna

guy morris – hot pants party – oconnee

the millionaires – a rather hip shing – philips

the presidents – gold walk – deluxe

don gardner – there’s nothing that i want to do (unless it’s with you) – tnt

dorothy prince – why not tonight – m-pac

gorgeous george – biggest fool in town – stax

albert scott – i feel so good – ace

shirley & jessie – you can’t fight love – wand

prince & princess – ready, steady, go – bell

darron lee – everybody’s twisting – myrl

smoky & the bears – we together baby – dore

lonnie russ – flip flop – 4j

rolls royce & the wheels – the frog – constellation

mamie p. galore – you got the power – thomas

sister soul & the lucy rodgers singers – i’m fighting for my rights – st. lawrence

jesse gee – she’s a woman – barry

samson & delilah – will you be ready? – abc

little carl carlton – competition ain’t nothin’ – back beat

the celestrals – keep your hands off my baby – rca victor

idalia boyd – some kind of wonderful – dimension

irene & the scotts – i’m stuck on my baby – smash

the zodiacs – surely – deesu

brenda & the tabulations – the wash – dionn

irma & the fascinators – lost love – scepter

the challengers III with ann bogan – every day – tri-phi

rex garvin & the mighty cravers – emulsified – epic

ronnie & delinquents – bad neighborhood – jc

witches & the warlock – the wanderer – sew city

billy young – the sloopy – jotis

mckinley sandifer – get up – usa

the four sounds – mama ubangi bangi – ran-dee

gamma goochie – (you got) the gamma goochie – colpix

jackie & tut – hawaiian punch – chess

chet ‘poison’ ivey – shake a poo poo – tangerine

jamie lyons – soul struttin’ – laurie

hayward lee & the marauders – oogaloo – the scamm sound

senor soul – the mouse – whiz

bobby rush – camel walk – abc

sly – buttermilk part 1 – autumn

james lewis & the case of time – manifesto – legend

earnest jackson – funky black man – stone

carlos malcolm & the fireburners – bustin’ outta the ghetto – ajp

the celebrities – the rattler part 1 – ten high

alvin cash – saddle up – chess

willie rosario & his orchestra – watusi boogaloo – atco

saxie russell – el monkey – ran-dee

roger & the gypsies – pass the hatchet part 1 – seven b



thanks again, hope you enjoyed these two shows…..i’ll do another one at a future date….i just need a break from 45’s for awhile.   tune in two weeks from now for a return to my ‘normal’ show.




shopkeeper ken

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