play list for five & dime show aired 27-oct-2011 wmse

this was an interesting show…….i was having a difficult time picking items out to play the night before, so i turned away from records & just randomly pulled certain ones out from the stacks….made it easier to choose things, but obviously more difficult when it came time to play them.    i did start with a number of selections that i knew i wanted to play…..but i think on a future installment i will choose the entire play list in this fashion.    makes for an interesting show, and forces me to play things i wouldn’t normally play.



my friend tom wanderer & i (he also has a show on wmse, every thursday at 3pm, ‘the tom wanderer radio experience’) have discussed future plans to take this one step further…..he will draw from my collection, while i from his.   we will then host each others shows……i look forward to this, and i hope you do as well.      i have many, many themed shows in the works for future episodes of the five & dime show, most of which still need more material to complete the three hour time slot.



anyway, here’s the play list from the this weeks show, hope you enjoyed it.





artist – song – album – label




bird/grabowiecki/czerwinec – improvisation #1 – deepbreathing – ?

steven r. smith – barkane – kohl – emperor jones

cluster – hollywood – zuckerzeit – brain

deaf center – white lake – pale ravine – type

yusef lateef – morning – jazz mood – savoy

unknown – dangdut medley – v/a: street musicians of yogyakarta – mississippi

juana molina – la verdad – son – domino

cwk joynes & the restless dead – the godolfin arabian – 7″ 8 selections & premonitions from the tower, volume II – great pop supplement/bo’ weavil

brooklyn raga association – water – s/t – (no label, free online download via their bandcamp page)

motion sickness of time travel – telepathy – seeping through the veil of the unconscious – digitalis

the 13th floor elevators – baby blue – easter everywhere – international artists

the yardbirds – a certain girl – for your love – epic

the who – silas stingy – sell out – decca

michael bundt – la chasse aux microbes – just landed cosmic kid – asylum

hauschka & hildur guonadottir – #283 – pan tone – sonic pieces

ahmed abdul-malik – takseem (solo) – east meets west – rca

twinsistermoon – exorcism – when stars glide through solid – blackest rainbow

lumerians – xulux – transmalinia – knitting factory

joy division – transmission – substance – factory

peaking lights – synthy – 936 – not not fun

tim hecker – sketch #5 – dropped pianos – kranky

tom waits – kiss me – bad as me – anti

bob dylan – most likely you’ll go your way and i’ll go mine – blonde on blonde – columbia

don gere – werewolves on wheels (main theme) – ost: werewolves on wheels – b music/finders keepers

jang hyun – pushing through the fog – shin joon hyun 1958-1974 – light in the attic

the brims – anti gandja – v/a: those shocking shaking days – now again

cave – this is the best – neverendless – drag city






as always, thanks for tuning in.   next couple weeks in a row i will be on air, as we will be in the midst of our fall fun(d) drive……please tune in and give what you can to help keep wmse going strong for another 30 years!   it really is up to you the listener to keep us solvent, and any amount, no matter how seemingly insignificant, does make a difference.



shopkeeper ken




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