play list for five & dime show aired 29-march-2012 wmse

this show was a lot of fun to make.    i hope it was fun to listen to.     if you missed it, i would urge you to check it out, especially if you are like me & love the song ‘brazil’.    today’s installment of the five & dime was themed affair, i called it ‘every other brazil’.   which is to say that every other song i played was a version of the ary barroso song ‘brazil’…..and the other tracks were either from brazilian artists, or brazilian in nature.    it’s been a long time favorite of mine……probably goes back to when i first started buying records at the tender age of 15…….not sure what it is about the song, but something about it really grabs me.    it’s frantic pace i’m sure has something to do with it…..this song really swings when placed in able hands.     the terry gilliam movie i’m sure helped my obsession along as well……i really enjoy that movie.



anyway, based solely on the amount of phone calls i got during this show was live leads me to believe that people really enjoyed it, and for that i’m glad.    i was afraid that people may find it difficult to keep hearing ‘the same song’ over & over again…….and i suppose, if that happened, no one was so upset by it that they called me up to yell at me (or question me)…..they probably just turned it off.   to those who were compelled to leave….i’m sorry.    i’ll return to ‘normal’ programming in two weeks……whatever the hell that is for the five & dime show.



here’s the list:


artist – song – album – label





billy anderson – brazil – swingin’ with billy – claremont

luiz bonfa – manha de carnaval – v/a:  bossa nova brazil – verve

grant green – brazil – the latin bit – blue note

roberto menescale e seu conjunto – cinco por oito – v/a:  brazil bossa beat-the elenco records story – soul jazz

edmundo ros & his orchestra – brazil – bongos of the south – london

ike quebec – me n’ you – bossa nova soul samba – blue note

fafa lemos & his orchestra – brazil – dinner in rio – rca victor

araci cortes & his orchestra – quero sossego – v/a:  hot women-women singers from the torrid regions – kein & aber records

frank sinatra – brazil – come fly with me – capitol

marcos valle – os grilos – essential marcos valle volume 2 – mr. bongo

jonah jones – brazil – swingin’ ’round the world – capitol

stan getz/joao gilberto  – the girl from ipanema – getz/gilberto – verve

herbie mann – brazil – jazz impressions of brazil – solid state

tom jobim – aguas de marco – fotografia – universal

geoff & maria – brazil – pottery pie – reprise

gilberto gil – o canto de ema – v/a:  brazil 70-after tropicalia – soul jazz

bill kehr – brazil – the candy man swings sweetly for you – kandy records

the buttons – birds in my tree – v/a:  love, peace & poetry-brazilian psychedelic music – normal

los machucambos – brazil – caramba! – london

roberto menescal – surfboard – v/a: bossa nova brasil – verve

the riviera orchestra – brazil – ….goes latin – mercury

elis regina – de onde vens – elis especial – phillips

cherry wainer & his swinging hammond organ – brazil – s/t – polydor

gal costa – objeto sim, objeto nao – gal 1969 – philips

dick contino – brazil – south american holiday – mercury

jorge ben – ponta de lanca africano (umbabarauma) – v/a:  brazil classics volume 1 – luka bop

eddie peabody – brazil – great latin hits – dot

gilberto gil – bat macumba – v/a:  tropicalia-a brazilian revolution in sound – soul jazz

ed lincoln – brazil – orgao espetacular – masterpiece

secos e molhados – amor – v/a:  brazil 70-after tropicalia – soul jazz

michel magne & orchestra – brazil – tropical fantasy – columbia

os mutantes – a minha menina – v/a: tropicalia-a brazilian revolution in sound – soul jazz

les paul – brazil – legend & legacy – capitol

loyce e os gnomes – erma uma nota de – v/a:  brazilian guitar fuzz bananas – tropicalia in furs

ferrante & teicher – brazil – soundblast – westminster

marconi notaro – ah vida avida – no sub reino dos metazoarios – time lag

yusef lateef – brazil – at cranbrook & elsewhere – el records

alex stordahl – brazil – guitars around the world – decca

tom tedesco – brazil – the guitars of…. – imperial

santo & johnny – brazil – come on in – canadian american

roy lanham – brazil – sizzling strings & fabulous guitar – bear family

james last – brazil – guitar a go go – polydor

ary barroso & his orchestra – brazil – fantasia carioca sambas baiaos – musart









thanks again……listen to the archives if you missed this special show.    be back in two weeks.




shopkeeper ken







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playlist for five & dime show aired 15-march-2012 wmse

decided this week to highlight what is surely to be one of my records of the year……played the new gunn/truscinski duo record ‘ocean parkway’ (three lobed recordings) in it’s entirety.    i’ve been a fan for quite some time of steve gunn, and i have to say that this record is really something special.    i would urge you to run out & purchase it, as it is limited & will surely be gone quickly…….at least it SHOULD be.      i’m not a record reviewer, nor do i play one on tv…….just give it a listen if you missed out on me playing it live……there is a link to the archives here.



too much to do today…..a rare friday off for me.     here’s the list:






artist – song – album – label



gunn/truscinski duo – ocean parkway – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

bob dylan – tomorrow is a long time – the wittmark demos 1962-1964 – columbia

canyons of static – take heart – farewell shadows – oxide tones

brooklyn raga association – water – s/t – (not sure if this has gotten a PROPER release, download for free on their bandcamp page)

taken by trees – julia – open field – rough trade

tallest man on earth – king of spain – the wild hunt – dead oceans

yo la tengo – nowhere near – painful – matador

gunn/truscinski duo – banh mi ringtones – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

yair yona – poetry nights in valhalla – world behind curtains – strange attractors audio house

penguin cafe orchestra – telephone & rubber band – s/t – editions eg

roy smeck – my little grass shack – v/a:  hawaiian guitar hot shots – yazoo

lau nau – pyha vuori – tour 2005 – self released tour only cdr

hauschka – heimat – ferndorf – fat cat

blind willie johnson – if i had my way, i’d tear this building down – dark was the night, cold was the ground – mississippi

corum – side b, track III – never use the same door twice – psychic sounds

roberto cacciapaglia – 1st & 2nd movement – sonanze – wah wah

moebius – hasenheide – tonspuren – sky

motion sickness of time travel – telepathy – seeping through the veil of the unconscious – digitalis

gunn/truscinski duo – county fair getaway – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

section 25 – sutra – the key of dreams – benelux

davie allan & the arrows – grog’s hog – cycle-delic sounds – tower

the who – out in the street – my generation – decca

the sidewalk sounds – the sunset theme – ost:  riot on sunset strip – tower

les baxter – hot wind – ost:  hell’s belles – sidewalk

black angels – telephone – phosphene dream – sire

the arrows – the devils rumble – ost:  the devils angels – tower

gunn/truscinski duo – don’t lean on the door – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings (had to split this in two to take care of underwriting)

casey kasem – black souls – ost:  the glory stompers – sidewalk

cycle-mates – theme from cycle savages – ost:  the cycle savages – american international records

stu phillips – flowers – ost:  hell’s angels on wheels – smash

tony bruno – chase of death – ost:  hell’s angels ’69 – capitol

sylvester anfang II – jam #3 – latitudes – latitudes

gunn/truscinski duo – minetta river – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings






thanks for tuning in.       be back in two weeks.




shopkeeper ken



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play list for five & dime show aired 1-march-2012 wmse

sorry for the delay, very busy weekend.    also kind of busy right now, so not much time for trivialities…….here’s the play list from the show from last thursday.







artist – song – album – label




amiina – sexfaldur – kurr – ever

from the mouth of the sun – snow burial (while blue skies gather) – woven tide – experimedia

scissors & sellotape – join the club – for the tired & ill at ease – facture

espvall jakobsons szelag – black forest – s/t – arachnidiscs

olafur arnalds – film credits – living room songs – erased tapes

james blackshaw – fix – glass bead game – young god

john fahey – a raga called pat pt. 1 – days have gone by volume 6 – takoma

reverend gary davis – you got to go down – complete early recordings – yazoo

josephine foster – hominy grits – hazel eyes, i will lead you – locust

sylvester weaver & walter beasley – soft steel piston – v/a:  before the blues volume 1 – columbia

bumble bee slim – i’m waiting on you – v/a:  masters of the blues – historical

seven fields of aphelion – mountain mary – periphery – graveface

the caretaker – homesickness that was corroding her soul – patience (after sebald) – history always favours the winners

peaking lights – silver tongues, soft whispers – imaginary falcons – night people

nico – afraid – the frozen borderline – rhino

joanna newsom – baby birch – have one on me – drag city

jack rose – blessed be the name of the lord – raag manifestos – eclipse

yair yona – this one’s for you glenn – world behind curtains – strange attractors audio house

sharon van etten – magic chords – tramp – jagjaguwar

vashti bunyan – some things just stick in your mind – some things just stick in your mind – decristina

the pastel six – bandido – 7″ – zen

the kinks – too much on my mind – face to face – reprise

the troggs – you can’t beat it – trogglodynamite – fontana

dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich – hold tight – 7″ – fontana

the yardbirds – over under sideways down – 7″ – epic

bill plummer – journey to the east – 7″ – impulse

moon duo – scars – mazes – sacred bones

harmonia – sonnenschein – musik von harmonia – brain

t.rex – jewel – t.rex – reprise

the spyrals – long road out – 7″ – frosted crack

echo & the bunnymen – no dark things – heaven up here – sire

pink floyd – flaming – piper at the gates of dawn – tower

dirty three – moon on the land – toward the low sun – drag city

steve gunn – mustapha’s exit – boerum palace – three lobed recordings






unfortunately i had to talk over that last track………i’ll play the full track soon enough without words.    hope to have the gunn/truscinski duo’s new record in time for the next installment of the five & dime show……if so, i’ll play A LOT of it on that show.



thanks for listening.


shopkeeper ken




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