playlist for five & dime show aired 15-march-2012 wmse

decided this week to highlight what is surely to be one of my records of the year……played the new gunn/truscinski duo record ‘ocean parkway’ (three lobed recordings) in it’s entirety.    i’ve been a fan for quite some time of steve gunn, and i have to say that this record is really something special.    i would urge you to run out & purchase it, as it is limited & will surely be gone quickly…….at least it SHOULD be.      i’m not a record reviewer, nor do i play one on tv…….just give it a listen if you missed out on me playing it live……there is a link to the archives here.



too much to do today…..a rare friday off for me.     here’s the list:






artist – song – album – label



gunn/truscinski duo – ocean parkway – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

bob dylan – tomorrow is a long time – the wittmark demos 1962-1964 – columbia

canyons of static – take heart – farewell shadows – oxide tones

brooklyn raga association – water – s/t – (not sure if this has gotten a PROPER release, download for free on their bandcamp page)

taken by trees – julia – open field – rough trade

tallest man on earth – king of spain – the wild hunt – dead oceans

yo la tengo – nowhere near – painful – matador

gunn/truscinski duo – banh mi ringtones – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

yair yona – poetry nights in valhalla – world behind curtains – strange attractors audio house

penguin cafe orchestra – telephone & rubber band – s/t – editions eg

roy smeck – my little grass shack – v/a:  hawaiian guitar hot shots – yazoo

lau nau – pyha vuori – tour 2005 – self released tour only cdr

hauschka – heimat – ferndorf – fat cat

blind willie johnson – if i had my way, i’d tear this building down – dark was the night, cold was the ground – mississippi

corum – side b, track III – never use the same door twice – psychic sounds

roberto cacciapaglia – 1st & 2nd movement – sonanze – wah wah

moebius – hasenheide – tonspuren – sky

motion sickness of time travel – telepathy – seeping through the veil of the unconscious – digitalis

gunn/truscinski duo – county fair getaway – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings

section 25 – sutra – the key of dreams – benelux

davie allan & the arrows – grog’s hog – cycle-delic sounds – tower

the who – out in the street – my generation – decca

the sidewalk sounds – the sunset theme – ost:  riot on sunset strip – tower

les baxter – hot wind – ost:  hell’s belles – sidewalk

black angels – telephone – phosphene dream – sire

the arrows – the devils rumble – ost:  the devils angels – tower

gunn/truscinski duo – don’t lean on the door – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings (had to split this in two to take care of underwriting)

casey kasem – black souls – ost:  the glory stompers – sidewalk

cycle-mates – theme from cycle savages – ost:  the cycle savages – american international records

stu phillips – flowers – ost:  hell’s angels on wheels – smash

tony bruno – chase of death – ost:  hell’s angels ’69 – capitol

sylvester anfang II – jam #3 – latitudes – latitudes

gunn/truscinski duo – minetta river – ocean parkway – three lobed recordings






thanks for tuning in.       be back in two weeks.




shopkeeper ken



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